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David Dias interview on TV Writer Podcast

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Need some inspirational and helpful hints on working in the animation industry?  Check out this fun and informative podcast.

Canadian animation writer/creative producer/story editor David Dias speaks with TV Writer Podcast host Gray Jones in a one–hour interview jammed-packed with tasty tidbits.   “All the ins and outs of writing animation for all ages, including many great tips on breaking in, pitching, and getting your idea off the ground. ”

FYI: TV Writer Podcast is sponsored by Scriptmag.com and Final Draft (the makers of screenwriting and production software.)  
Totally true personal anedcote: long ago, the producers of this animated series I’d been assigned two freelance scripts on wanted all their writers to use Final Draft.   (Up till then, my writer friends and I were using MS Word and Movie Magic Screenwriter).   After I bought the new program, the story editors took over writing the scripts for the rest of series.   As we say in the industry, “ARRRRGH!”  I was so annoyed at having to lay out hundreds of bucks and having to get up to speed on a whole new program just to write two scripts!   But as it turned out, Final Draft became the software used by most of the series I’ve worked on since.   Bottom line, whatever scriptwriting software your story editor wants you to use, you pretty much have to use too.  Just remember to keep the receipt.   It’s tax deductable.
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