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Upload Yourself to the WGC Animation Directory!

You don't have to be 6Teen to have a cool Animation Directory entry!

Hey, members of the Writers Guild of Canada!

You know how the WGC website has an online directory of guild members that lists their credits, specialties and contact information? 

And you know how it’s searchable by genre, target audiences written for, and  province/country of residence?

And how the directory can only be accessed by officially registered producers and your awesome fellow guild members?

Well, now the WGC Main Directory has proudly given birth to the Animation Directory. But wait, there’s more!  Both directories have taken a quantum leap forward into the world of 21st Century online information technology.  The new directories will amaze you with their powers to dazzle and promote!


  •  Update your entry with your latest credits!
  •  Upload pictures from the films/shows/webisodes you’ve written!
  •  Add links to video clips!
  •  Add links to series websites! 
  • Upload a picture of yourself!
  • Add a link to your website…your blog…your Facebook page!


Visit www.wgc.ca, login, and select the Update Directory Profile button (on the left). There are user-friendly instructions provided at each stage of updating. Tip: stylishly update your entry in the Main Directory and any credits, pictures and links related to animation will automatically be viewable in your Animation Directory entry. It’s just that easy!  

Please note: once you submit your updates, they’re processed by an actual human being at the guild office so it may take a day or two for changes to appear.  But other than that…it’s just that easy!

What, you need a deadline to motivate you to use this powerful new tool? Okay.

The new Animation Directory is going to be promoted by the WGC at the Ottawa International Animation Festival in October.  There’ll be producers and broadcasters there—yeah, the people who can give you a job—so now’s the time to use the new attractive and engaging features of the directory to make this as a rich a resource as possible.

Don't get stuck in the past! Update your directory entry today!

So update and upload yourself now. And peer pressure all your Neanderthal Luddite writers guild pals into updating and uploading too. All the cool kids are doing it!

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