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WGC Screenwriting Awards 2010 – Animation Winners!

The winners of the 2010 WGC Screenwriting Awards were announced this Monday in a Toronto ceremony.  Hosted by Debra DiGiovanni (Video On Trial, The Debaters, Last Comic Standing) and written by the Shehori brothers comedy team, the ceremony was funny and snappy.

The write-ups for the nominees are a testament to the quality of animation creators we have in this country. Canimation salutes the winners, those nominated and those talented souls who are sung of by their peers.

You all rock!

The nominees for ANIMATION included:

Grossology  “New Recruits”

Written by Richard Clark

Richard has worked extensively as a screenwriter and story editor, both in Toronto and Los Angeles. His credits include writing or story-editing nearly 100 produced TV scripts for shows broadcast on YTV, Teletoon, Disney Channel, Nickelodeon and many foreign networks. He’s also developed shows for various production companies, has written four TV movies for Showtime Networks, optioned several feature screenplays, and worked as director and editor.

Total Drama Action “Crouching Courtney, Hidden Owen”

Written by Alex Ganetakos

Alex is a writer, story editor and producer. Writing credits include 6teen, Total Drama, Made in Canada, and the doc mini-series Comedy Gold. Story editing credits include the final season of 6teen and the upcoming third and fourth seasons of Total Drama.  A Gemini-nominated writer and producer, she won a 2004 Screenwriting Award for her Made In Canada script, Dork Cops.

League of Super Evil “Glory Hog”

Written by Philippe Ivanusic-Vallee and Davila LeBlanc.

Philippe is a Concordia graduate in Film Animation. He started his animation career as creator and writer for the League of Super-Evil (YTV/BBC). He also has other original projects in development including the animated series Pirate Zoe (Cartoon Saloon), Epic Eric and the Astounding Fellowship of Legend (Nerd Corps) and Oh No!!! (Corus/Nelvana). Phil is currently wrapping up story editing/writing for the League of Super Evil’s second season from his secret lair in Ottawa.

Davila currently operates out of Montreal. He has been writing since he learned about the alphabet and books. He started his writing career as a comedian doing the sketch comedy circuit in Montreal.  In 2005 both he and his writing partner Philippe (above) got together and sold their first show, League of Super Evil, o a production company named NerdCorps. The show got picked up and he’s been writing scripts for animation ever since.

And the winner is…

Total Drama Action “The Sand  Witch Project”

Written by Shelley Scarrow

Shelley has worked as a screenwriter across a number of genres.  Credits include Being Erica, Flashpoint, Total Drama Island, Sophie and Degrassi. Other nominations have included the Gemini Awards and a Canadian National Magazine Award.  She has the best live-in story editor ever, and is wildly proud of her two little boys.

Shelley’s speech spoke to a fear shared by all writers; the challenge of finding your way to the next gig even after achieving a certain level in your career.  Here, here.  Because we all work alone in the shadows at our computer screens and in the day to day pitching that is freelance work, it’s terirfic to recognize ourselves and know we are not alone!  Good on you, Shelley!

In the CHILDREN & PRESCHOOL category the nominees were:

Max and Ruby “Ruby’s Good Neighbor Report”

Written by Shelley Hoffman and Robert Pincombe

This awesome, Gemini award-winning team started out performing awesome live comedy, parlaying Rob’s awesome storyboarding and improv background with Shelley’s awesome acting and producing experience into a powerful, one-two writing punch. After developing and story-editing the awesome, hit first season of YTV’s Kid vs Kat, they are currently writing on several awesome series and developing something awesome that they’re not allowed to tell you about. Awesome!

Zigby “Zigby’s Collection”

Written by Louise Moon

Louise is a Vancouver-based writer whose animation work has ranged from preschool series like Franny’s Feet, Max and Ruby, and Harry and His Bucket Full of Dinosaurs to children’s shows such as Kid vs Kat and Ricky Sprocket to tween series like Carl Squared ad Class of the Titans. She also creates formats for the Vancouver TheatreSports League where her recent dating reality show parody delighted grown-ups with the most improvised rose ceremony ever!

And the winner is…

Max and Ruby “Max Says Goodbye”

Written by Kate Barris

Kate is thrilled that her Max & Ruby script, Max Says Goodbye, won this year.  Having developed the series and shepherded it through four seasons, she and director Jamie Whitney were key components in making it the beloved world-wide hit that it has become.  In Kate’s words this is “the last of the 156 stories she oversaw for the series, so it’s nice to see it get some recognition from her fellow writers.”

Since she left the sibling bunnies, Kate’s worked with puppets on The Mighty Jungle and is currently in development with Mercury Filmworks and Skywriter on a new series she created called ONE for CBC.

In the  SHORT SUBJECT category,  the Being Erica webisodes won out over My Pal Satan “Cheaters Never Prosper by Dennis Heaton and animated short How People Got Fire, written by Daniel Janke.

Daniel is a filmmaker and composer living near Whitehorse, Yukon. He was creator and co-writer of the TV series Northern Town. How People Got Fire has won numerous awards. Daniel directed the stage production Alice and Other Heroes for the VANOC Cultural Olympiad 2010.  He is currently working on a commission for the Bozzini String quartet of Montreal, and has just completed a second draft with story-editor Gerald Wexler of a new feature film A Long Way around.

Canadian animation writers come in all shapes, ages, sizes and voices. Congratulations to one and all!


  1. Jilly
    October 31, 2010 at 8:23 pm

    This is charming. I love these likenesses.

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